Cookies policy

This Policy applies to "cookies" files and refers to the Ergowork on-line store and website which is owed by PLASTPUR Sp. z o.o., located on Osiedle Rzemieślnicze 48 street, 85-758 Bydgoszcz, Poland (hereinafter: "on-line websites").

What are "cookies" files?

„Cookies” files should be understood as data information, particularly text files stored in a terminal devices of users intended for the use of websites. Those files allow to recognizing user’s device and showing websites which is customized to the individual preferences. „Cookies” usually contain the name of website they come from, storage time of cookies on your device and its identification number.

What are "cookies" used for?

„Cookies” files are used in order to adapt Web content to the user’s preferences and optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create statistics that help us to understand how user actually uses the particular websites. It also can improve their structures and content but except any movements regarding user’s personal identification.

What kind of „cookies” we use?

Browser cookies come in two different flavors: session cookies and persistent cookies. First one are temporary files and they remain on user’s devices until the end of the session (you need to log off). The other one remain on the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they will be manually deleted by the user. Cookies are used by website operator partners but also by the users of websites. What is more, they are based and refers to their own privacy policy.

„Cookies” files are defined into following, more specific types:

A. The necessity of implementation the services: Necessary They are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the website or other available functions that user wants to use. Functional They improve the functionality of the service. Without them service will work correctly but it will not be adjusted to the user's preferences. Also without them, functionality level of website can be reduced. Despite of this fact, website should be still ready for using. Business Business „cookies” give possibilities of creating the business model – the same one that the website is based on. Blocking business cookies will not cause any disability of full service. But because of no capability to follow and check subsidy revenues of website by the owner, the functionality level of the website can be reduced. Here we can include also commercial „cookies”.

B. How long cookies will be available on personal’s device? Temporary (session cookies) – they are available only for the time during the browser is in used (open session) and they are deleted after you close it. Permanent (persistent cookies) are not deleted when the browser is closed. They remain on the user's device for a specified time or without validity period, usually it depends on the website owner settings.

C. Origin of service’s administrator who manage "cookies": Own "Cookies" (first party cookies) are added by the owner of website that was already visited. External "Cookies" (third-party cookies) are added by external subjects whose website components were released by website owner. Please note: "cookies" might be released by the administrator by means of web scripts and components that might be located on the partner’s server in a various locations - in a different country, or even a completely different system. In case of released components of web service which can come from different location (they are not belong to the administrator),”cookies” policy can be different from the policy of the administrator mentioned at first.

D. Several reasons to use “cookies” on websites:
Service Configuration. It allows to setting the functions and service at proper time and allows to setting safety and reliability of the web service. Also verifies the user’s authenticity and can optimize the capability.

Certification. It informs you about the exact location of user so the website can show proper information and functions that can be helpful for user. Session status. It can save information about user’s movements on the website and includes visited website top list, system alerts that might eventually happen.

„Cookies” file used for saving „session status” can also improve facilities of website.

Process - helps to improve work of the website and available functions.

Advertisement - allows to showing commercials that might be interesting for users, publishers and advertisers. It can personalize advertisements for proper users, so they can also be shown whilst viewing different websites.

Location - allows to customizing information to the user's location.

Analysis and research - allow to the owner of websites better understanding the preferences of users. Possibility of analyzing can improve the products and service. Mostly, the owner of the website or research & development companies collect anonymous information and process them for some specific topics without identification of individual users.

E. Influence on privacy of users

Harmless - necessary for the proper working and right functionality of the website, however their function has nothing common with user tracking.

Checking – cookies that can track the users but they do not include information which identifies a specific user’s data.

Do "cookies" files include personal data?

Personal information is collected by using of "cookies" and can be gather only in order to perform certain functions on behalf of the user. Such data are encrypted with complete protection against to the unauthorized access. Deleting “cookies” files Typical software used for browsing the Web has a default option that accept „cookies” file on device. If it is required, the settings can be changed in order to block the automatic systems of „cookies” files or inform the user about their transmission every single time.
All details regarding „cookies” are available in your browser settings. Please note, deleting of some „cookies” files may negatively impact functioning of your website.